The Fitness Blog Week in Review October 28-November 3rd

Good morning and welcome to our first week in review for November. It’s the 11th month of the year and it’s getting cold outside! With 19 days left to go till Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for and we’ll start with our ten reasons to be thankful for fitness later on today. In the meanwhile, here is our Fitness week in review: Saturday, October 28 In It’s Beautiful Outside: Get Out of the House discussed that getting your kids off the sofa and out of the house is something we should take every opportunity to do. In … Continue reading

Body Type Workouts – the Mesomorph

I told you we’d talk more about how your body type can influence your workout choices and in this case, we’re talking about the Mesomorph. So what exactly is a mesomorph? The mesomorph is built very athletically. A mesomorph can build muscle quickly and easily. They have a well-defined chest and shoulders that are typically larger and broader than your waistline. The hips are usually the same width as your shoulders and your trunk and lower body are well defined. Most people look at Mesomorphs with envy because they seem to be built for workouts, workout clothes and more. Most … Continue reading

What’s Your Body Type?

Do you know what your body type is? We use a lot of different descriptions for body types and they are all usually food related – not entirely sure why that is, but here are the more typical descriptions that we use: Pear Apple Carrot Stick None of these descriptions are particularly attractive and few of us grow up dreaming of the romantic, pear shaped prince or the stick figure princess. The body is can be described many ways whether we are referring to the geometry of them as pyramids, cylinders, cones or rulers or they can be referred to … Continue reading

Excuses For Not Exercising: #4 It Is Not Doing Anything

Exercising the body to a point that you can be able to tell there is any difference takes some time. If you are just starting to exercise, be prepared. It does not happen overnight. It very well could take several weeks before you begin to see any difference. How you feel, however, is a totally different story. Once you start exercising you will start to feel more energetic, more fit and trimmer within a matter of a week. The big hurdle to climb over though is the hurdle known as dedication, patience, perseverance and commitment. You may want to quit … Continue reading

Weight Loss: How Important Are The Numbers To You?

Going back about 20 years ago I read somewhere that your ideal body weight was measured as starting at 5 feet and 100 pounds for woman. As each inch was added, it was calculated as an additional 5 pounds. For example, a woman that was 5 feet 2 inches tall should weigh 110 pounds and a woman that was 5 feet 5 inches should weigh 125 pounds. This way of measuring did not take in consideration the frame of the body. I followed this rule of thumb and I looked almost skeletal, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was thin and … Continue reading