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The Fitness Blog Week in Review October 28-November 3rd

Good morning and welcome to our first week in review for November. It’s the 11th month of the year and it’s getting cold outside! With 19 days left to go till Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for and we’ll start with our ten reasons to be thankful for fitness later on today. In the meanwhile, here is our Fitness week in review:

Saturday, October 28

In It’s Beautiful Outside: Get Out of the House discussed that getting your kids off the sofa and out of the house is something we should take every opportunity to do. In Outdoor Play – You Remember What Play Is? addresses the needs of adults to remember the simple joys and to take a break from all the obligations and responsibilities and worries and go outside and just play.

Sunday, October 29

In 10,000 Words & 10,000 Steps – A New Definition of Physical Education there is a new educational program out there that is challenging kids to read more every day and to take more steps every day in order to hone the mind and the body.

Monday, October 30

In Stress Balls – How Can They Help You, we took a look at the history of stress balls that date back to the Ming Dynasty and how these little treasures can help you maintain a healthy level of stress by giving you an outlet when you work with them in your hands In Women’s Fitness: Time Marches On there is a lot women need to know about the changes their bodies go through as they age and what that can mean to their weight loss and fitness efforts.

Tuesday, October 31

In Happy Halloween! Monsters & Ghouls & Workouts Oh My!, we looked at incorporating other items into our trick or treating treats in order to keep from overloading kids with too much candy. In the Top Fitness Choice of October, we took a moment to review our End of October Fitness Goal Check and what our top article was for October in the Fitness blog.

Wednesday, November 1

In Welcome to November – What Are We Going to Do This Month? we discussed how sluggish we may be feeling as we came to the end of October and the need to recover from the holiday. We also took a look forward at the month of November and what to expect here in the Fitness blog. In Nine Ways to Avoid a November Exercise Funk we addressed the cold weather and how it affects our exercise programs and us and how we can avoid the funk that inevitably comes.

Thursday, November 2

In My Top Five Exercises for November, I offered you my five top picks for exercises this month since I like to change my exercise routine up. In Christmas Music & Motivation we talked about using Christmas music to add to your motivation for working out. In Body Type Workouts – the Mesomorph we talked about the workouts, sports and other exercise issues related to being a mesomorph.

Friday, November 3

TGIF! It’s Friday Fitness Fun Facts, Did You Know? that the human body is an amazing thing? There are a lot of facts about the human body that we may not think about every day, but they are worth mentioning and this article addresses that.

What was your favorite story this week?

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