Hard Truths

Too often in society and even in many of today’s churches, we don’t hear all that much about judgment. It’s something people don’t want to think about much less hear about. But the bible is very clear that though God is a God of love and grace, He is also a god of judgment. We cannot ignore that fact. We can try, but it won’t change the facts. Isaiah is a book that has a lot about God’s judgment. Some of it is judgment of other nations. Some concerns judgment of His own people. Isaiah 30 is a passage that … Continue reading

C. S. Lewis – Latter-day Truths in Narnia – Marianna Richardson and Christine Thackeray

I had the most marvelous opportunity a couple of weekends ago to read “C.S. Lewis –Latter-day Truths in Narnia,” and I loved every minute of it. I’ve been a fan of Lewis’s since I was ten, when I first picked up “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and was amazed to discover that Aslan was a type of Christ. I remember running in to my mom and telling her, “This is just like Jesus.” She didn’t humor me by letting me think I’d discovered it on my own—instead, she said, “I know”—but that didn’t diminish my discovery. I read … Continue reading

Untruths about Weight Loss

With so many different stories floating around pertaining to weight loss, it is no wonder people are confused. The key is being able to weed through the information and then determine what is and is not true. For instance, it is true that drinking eight glasses of water a day, consuming a balanced diet, and exercising are all great ways of losing weight. However, as you are about to discover, a number of misconceptions are out there that need to be understood. For instance, most of us have heard the old saying, “No pain – no gain”, meaning when you … Continue reading

No Need to Fear

When I go through my day each day, I don’t feel a lot of fear. I am afraid to say that I don’t often think about the tragedy and sorrow that is going on in the world around me. Some days, I don’t even think a lot about what other people are doing that might be morally incorrupt. After all, I am a Mom to 3 small children. My days are full of the bare necessities. Cleaning, cooking, bathing, feeding, breaking up fights, and teaching my children…well, everything children need to be taught. But, some days, I stop and take … Continue reading

The Dangers of Being Good

I’m wary of good kids. I used to be good. I was a great student who was a good citizen and polite in class. I was quiet, most of the time. Now? Now, perhaps I’m a bit of a renegade upon occasion. I’m still a good citizen, but sometimes I’m opinionated. I wiggle in class. I cast doubts upon generally accepted truths. I also make a point of making sure that kids of all sorts get an opportunity to be themselves. Yes, they need to learn how to behave well in social settings as an adult, but this doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

Daughters in My Kingdom

In church a couple of Sundays ago, I was handed a book by the Relief Society President titled, Daughters in my Kingdom. Seeing as I’m in Primary, I didn’t know what this book was all about. I asked her, and she said it was a gift from the church all about Relief Society. I threw it into my church bag, and didn’t give it much thought, until I pulled it out later and started thumbing threw it. I read the message from the first presidency on the inside. We are urged to, “study this book and allow its timeless truths … Continue reading

24 Questions For Facing Your Fear

Much of the fear that fuels our anxiety is based in fiction – false truths that have no basis in reality. From a fear of public speaking, to a fear of leaving the house, our level of anxiety is distorted in relation to the actual potential for danger. These are familiar behaviors that start in childhood – that fear of the monster in the closet or under the bed. You may not be able to see it or hear it, but you believe it is there. The child’s response is to shrink in fear: “If I’m quiet enough and still … Continue reading

When Prayers Aren’t Answered

The bible tells us ‘you do not have because you do not ask,’ James 4:2. But what about hen we have asked and still don’t see an answer? That has been my experience recently as I have battled with excruciating back pain over a number of weeks and it is still here. I’ve asked, and plenty of others have also asked on my behalf, so why isn’t God answering? I’m sure Paul must’ve asked the same question when he asked the Lord repeatedly for healing of whatever problem he had, 2 Corinthians 12:7-9. God chose not to answer by healing … Continue reading

How Open Are You?

Supposing you were being interviewed, what would your answers reveal about you? What would they reveal about your Christian life? Would they reveal anything at all? Would you make it public knowledge or try and keep it a secret, and be a secret disciple like Joseph of Arimathea was for a time. In the end though, ignoring any risk, Joseph stood up for Jesus and for what he believed, John 20:38-42. This blog is prompted by something I did recently. In an effort to help promote my book, I interviewed a character from Streets on a Map. It was interesting … Continue reading

Take the Time

How many times have you said to someone ‘I’ll pray about that’ and forgotten to do so. Or you’ve been too busy at the time and think you’ll do it later. Somehow later never comes around. Perhaps someone at church or a friend or family member has asked you to do something and you promise you will. Then you become so caught up with your own life and work, and problems that it never happens. It is disappointing and frustrating when this happens. I’ve had this happen twice recently with people who have promised faithfully to do things and then … Continue reading