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How Open Are You?

Supposing you were being interviewed, what would your answers reveal about you? What would they reveal about your Christian life? Would they reveal anything at all? Would you make it public knowledge or try and keep it a secret, and be a secret disciple like Joseph of Arimathea was for a time. In the end though, ignoring any risk, Joseph stood up for Jesus and for what he believed, John 20:38-42.

This blog is prompted by something I did recently. In an effort to help promote my book, I interviewed a character from Streets on a Map. It was interesting to get back into the skin of that character and try and tell things from her point of view. If you are interested you will find that interview on my blog or Andrea Graham’s site.

In that interview the character, Laila, was quick to declare her faith when an opportunity presented itself. It made me think then about how much you or I would reveal in an interview? Would you see it as an opportunity to speak about your faith and to speak up for Jesus and perhaps challenge those listening as to where they stand with God? Or would you end up talking about everything else?

So often we are quick to declare our allegiance to certain football or baseball team or some other sort of sport or organization, yet when it comes to our Lord , we are reticent to be as outspoken.

Yet, if you are in America or Australia we are not in countries where we are hounded and persecuted for our faith, as happens In Nigeria and other countries oversea where Christians are putting their lives on the line by declaring their faith. The worst that will usually happen to us is that someone will ridicule us or turn away and not want to be our friend. It’s hardly a life threatening issue, so why are we sometimes so hesitant to speak up and declare our allegiance to Christ?

We need to remember our first love as the church in Ephesus was urged to do, Revelation 2:1-5 and not be like the church at Laodicea who was rebuked for being lukewarm, Revelation 3:14-18.

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