My Home School Grades

Not all states require homeschoolers to keep records but all homeschoolers should require it of themselves.  Even a personal log of what your children have done and accomplished is valuable.  Your child may want to keep track for herself, laws in your state may change, your child may attend school or college, you may want to keep track for yourself to know what your child has done and what worked best in your homeschool.  For all those reasons and more, you will want to an easy to use, thorough, and affordable tracking system.  One such system that you may want … Continue reading

Time Again for the Homeschool Portfolio

  What is a Homeschool Portfolio? A homeschool portfolio is a window into your child’s homeschool experience, achievements, and academic progress, throughout the school year. There are more then on way to keep a portfolio but I will list the core items you will need. However, always check your state laws, homeschool co-ops, and with the evaluator, on what materials are required. The Basic Supplies 3 ring binder {3 inches or more thick} dividers page protectors Sharpies computer paper to print out basic forms samples of your child’s work photos {optional} Forms to Provide Attendance Form: List of Curriculum and … Continue reading

Homeschool Pinning

Do you pin?  I have to say that Pinterest is my favorite social media outlet.  I am a visual person so seeing all those images captivates me.  I love creating boards for things I want to create or pretend to create.  I had promised myself that I would make one thing a week, either a meal or a craft, based on my Pinterest inspirations.  I have not done this successfully every week but I have a few times a month. One of my favorite things to search on Pinterest is homeschooling ideas from curriculum reviews to arts and crafts.  Here … Continue reading

Frugal and Free Homeschooling {part 1}

Many have pushed aside the idea of homeschooling due to a lack of finances.  Many make the decision to stop homeschooling because of a difficult financial time.  Hearts that feel the impact of failing make decisions that cause them to retreat and not go forward. You are not a failure.  If you are experiencing a hard time or you feel you can not afford to homeschool, do not feel shame.  Many more struggle behind those happy Facebook status updates and expensive looking science experiments on blogs. A few years ago, I was in a financial situation that I feared would … Continue reading

Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money? {Part 2}

In part 1 of, Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money?, I covered how to create a blog posts that attract readers.  Creating good content is the first step to creating a quality blog.  I cover this in Blogging Tips and Tricks as well.  Today, I want to cover a few more background areas before discussing opportunities, so hang in there.  When I say profitable with regards to your homeschool, I do not simply mean financially. Let’s start by exploring what makes a good homeschool blog. The competition is fierce.  While you need to be aware of what your competitors are … Continue reading

Blogging From the Personal Side of Parenting

The internet has a wealth of information about a vast variety of special needs. It is fairly easy to look up medical information or news articles regarding a special need. Sometimes, it can be comforting to read a blog written by a parent about the personal side of parenting a child who has a special need. Here are a few interesting ones to explore. Parents can get online and quickly look up symptoms, recommended diets, help with IEPs, and news about health insurance coverage for their child’s special needs. What about if all you want is some conformation that your … Continue reading

Preschool Is On My Mind Again

As Dylan’s third birthday approaches, I am thinking more and more about preschool. The current theme of my preschool – related thoughts has shifted from “which preschool” to “whether or not he will attend preschool”. We still have plenty of time to research and weigh our options, because if we decide that Dylan will attend preschool he would not start until January. There are still two preschools in our area that I plan to visit with Dylan, one is right in town and the other is about a half hour away. One is Montessori, and the other is Waldorf. Of … Continue reading

What Does Working From Home Enable You To Do?

One of the things which sets home – based work apart from traditional work is that home – based professionals are often largely in control of the role that work plays in their lives. While this is not always the case, it is much of the time, especially in situations where the home – based professional owns his or her own business. If one or more of the adults in a household have the freedom to make choices about when and how much to work, it can help the entire family to achieve many things. For example, if one person … Continue reading

The Ultimate Social Studies Field Trip: Talk With Your Elected Officials!

Recently, my daughter and I embarked upon the ultimate social studies field trip. It wasn’t supposed to be one. In fact, since she’s often bored at meetings, I try to limit her exposure to them somewhat. After all, I am involved in many community organizations and go to a lot of meetings! We’re in Canada, where we have city, provincial, and federal elected officials. That morning, I was on my way to talk with our provincial official about several health and environmental issues. This particular person is quite approachable, and I’ve spoken with her several times. It was funny, though. … Continue reading

Is there shame in quitting homeschooling?

Due to the strong feelings toward homeschooling it is often looked at as some sort of exclusive club. The club that lets you in but will never let you out unless you defect and that my friend is like a good old fashioned Amish shunning. At least this is the feeling I get from moms who email me for encouragement when their homeschooling days come to an end. For some reason or another they can no longer homeschool but they are told by others not to give up, they can do it, or they are harming their children by sending … Continue reading