Converting Page Sizes for Scrapbooking

One of the biggest arguments in the scrapbooking industry, is which size layout is best. Thankfully, it is not an answerable question because it is completely a personal choice and one to be made by the scrapbooker. The decision is usually based on the types of photographs and scrapbooking the individual does. For instance, if you tend to only scrap one or two photos, probably a smaller size would work great for you. If you prefer enlargements of those one or two photographs than a larger size would work best. If you tend to take lots and lots of photographs … Continue reading

Vacation Scrapbooking Tips

With Spring Break arriving already for some, the vacation planning is in full gear for many families. Knowing what to bring and how to pack it, is the key to getting a little relaxed scrapbooking done on your vacation. If you don’t already have a crop tote or scrapbooking travel bag, now is a great time to grab one. This makes transporting your scrapbooking items much easier and safer. It is always a good idea to check any questionable items or liquids on an airplane, or you can run the risk of having them taken from you. Here are a … Continue reading

Laugh Out Loud Scrapbook Humor and Jokes

Laughter is the best medicine they say. There is nothing like a good joke or a funny story that can get your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing and a bit of giggling going on. I thought I would take a moment to review some of the past Friday Funnies that made people laugh and smile and share. I absolutely love humorous things about my hobby that make me sit and think… yes, I have been there. It can be fun to laugh at yourself when you are obsessed with a hobby like this. Here are some funny articles that have … Continue reading

Frugal Games and Entertainment for Your Halloween Party

The entertainment portion of any party can be expensive if you don’t know what to do. For a Halloween party there is absolutely no reason to spend a lot, because there are so many different things you can do instead. From games to frugal activities and crafts, there is plenty to do and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Body Part Activity This is usually a huge hit at a Halloween party. We have done this every year just for fun in our home, but absolutely find it a blast at a Halloween party. Peel a couple of grapes … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Week in Review for June 4th to June 10th, 2007

The Scrapbooking Week In Review was on break for a few weeks but it is back and better than ever. See what has been happening in the past week over in Scrapbooking, and find great tips, techniques and information for any type of scrapbooker. Please visit the scrapbooking blog this week for more terrific articles and how to’s to help your scrapbooking soar to new levels. Monday June 4th Crave ideas? Need them wherever you go? Are you one of those scrapbookers that never seems to have enough inspiration? Then find out Where to Find Great Scrapbooking Idea Books, in … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Hiding Your Scrapbook Purchases

One of the most common things I hear scrapbookers joke about seems to be, where to hide their extravagant purchases from their significant others. While I would never suggest hiding anything in any relationship, and lying is not okay with me whatsoever, I have found some of the following answers and stories to be amusing enough to share. And apparently I am very blessed to have such a wonderful significant other who shares my passion for scrapbooking and not only buys me all my stuff, okay well not all of it, but also enjoys sitting down with me to scrap! … Continue reading

How To Use A Light Box For Scrapbooking

Light boxes are a really handy and fun tool to use in scrapbooking. Although they have been around a really long time in the crafting world, many scrapbookers are unfamiliar with a light box and aren’t sure what it is or how it can help them with scrapbooking. A lightbox is an enclosure (usually a box of some sort) containing white-light balanced fluorescent tubes behind a flat translucent glass or plastic surface on which transparencies or negatives are laid in order to view them. This definition came from In layman’s terms a lightbox is a device which comes in … Continue reading

Friday Fun: What Is Your Scrapbook Style? The Results

Finding your scrapbook style is not as easy at it might sound. However I’ve tried to make it easier by creating a quiz. Just answer the questions and find your scrapbook style. Hopefully you took the quiz, because you will find the results below: If you picked mostly A’s your style is SIMPLE & CLASSIC. More than likely your favorite scrapbook magazine is probably simple scrapbooks. You seem to enjoy a clean, simple style. You might even enjoy using sketches from time to time to make the whole process easier. No cluttered look for you. More than likely you are … Continue reading

Friday Fun: What Is Your Scrapbook Style? Take The Quiz and Find Out!

Finding your scrapbook style is not as easy at it sounds. First, there are many factors that go into finding your style. And sometimes, a scrapbooker is still trying to find their style, so they model their pages off of many different styles. Sometimes we like many different styles, and other times we are drawn to only one specific style. So how can you go about finding out your scrapbook style? Take the quiz below to find out. 1. You are standing in the paper aisle at the scrapbook store. Which paper type are you most drawn to? a. I … Continue reading

Topical Whensday: When Will YOU Tee On to Cause an Effect?

It’s Wednesday and a GREAT day to wear that cause related Tee Shirt that you bought to support a worthy group. Where is it now? Stuffed in the back of the cupboard or in the pyjama drawer? When will you drag it out? Today is WHENSDAY, the perfect day to find it. In Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia, every Friday is Tropical Friday. A town that thrives on tropical and eco tourism, business houses, staff and individuals challenge each other to don the antithesis of formal dress: to frolic in the relaxed attire of holiday bliss, the tropical shirt and … Continue reading