Traveling on a Budget

With the holidays right around the corner, many families are gearing up for the drive to grandma’s house. If your road trip includes multiple children and many, many miles, then you likely want to keep moving, so you can get to your vacation destination as quickly as possible. In addition, you probably don’t want to spend too much money while on the road, especially if you dropped a bundle purchasing a ton of Christmas gifts. So, how can you keep the cost of your road trip to a minimum as you gear up for holiday travel? Here are some simple … Continue reading

Tips for the Teen Road Trip Challenge

For many parents, taking teens on a summer road trip is not exactly a relaxing vacation option. In fact, for some moms and dads, the idea of being trapped in a cramped vehicle with moody kids could be categorized as downright torture. The mere act of persuading a teen to enthusiastically partake in a family road trip is a challenge in itself. However, once you hurdle that initial obstacle there are ways to make the rest of the trip run a bit smoother. And who knows; you may even strengthen the family bond in the process. Choice of Vehicle: Embarking … Continue reading

Traveling Families Get the Shaft Again

My 7-year-old was 5 years old for about 18 months… but just when we had to fly from Chicago to Hawaii and back. Hey, my kid’s a peanut, but I know, bad is bad. Like you haven’t ever tried to milk the airlines’ rule that allowed you to board first with children under the age of 5. In some cases it’s a necessity to fudge your kid’s age, especially when you are flying with a brood of rugrats that range from six months to six years. What are you supposed to do then? Leave the six-year-old in the boarding area … Continue reading

Traveling for the Holidays

Are you planning a road trip this Christmas? Visiting family is important during the holidays, but traveling can be a little intimidating if you are a single parent. Just loading the kids up to go to the grocery store can be a challenge. You may be feeling a little discouraged about the long drive, but here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned from our own road trips to make the journey just a little less stressful. Bring plenty of things to keep the kids entertained. Long car rides are boring, especially for children who seem to have the attention … Continue reading

Relief for Parents Traveling with Kids

There is finally some good news for parents flying commercial airlines with young children. If you are planning to take to the skies during the upcoming holiday season, you will find things a wee bit easier as you make your way through airport security. Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that kids 12 and younger will no longer be forced to remove their shoes at TSA checkpoints. In addition, Napolitano said that children will not have to suffer through pat downs as often, and those, who get selected for the extra screening, will do so at the hands … Continue reading

Fall Travel Deals for Families with Young Children

Even if you don’t have school age children, this can be one of the most wonderful times of the year. In addition to having more room to move at the mall and the park, resorts around the world are slashing prices to entice parents with young children to visit. Back-to-school means back to reality for lodgings that saw a jump in bookings during the summer months. When school kids clear out, prices come down, and moms and dads can score big savings on getaways with their little kids. Here are some of the better deals to be had this season: … Continue reading

Considerations in Adopting When You Already Have Children: Travel, Part Two

In deciding whether to take your children with you, consider the safety of the place to which you are traveling and the availability of aid in any emergency that may occur. Friends of mine initially planned to take their daughters on their trip to pick up their son. This was a region that required one parent to make an initial visit several weeks before both parents traveled for the actual adoption. When the father made the initial visit he was startled at the absolute lack of adequate medical facilities in the remote region and decided he was not at all … Continue reading

Summer Travel Tip: Never Leave Children Unattended in a Car

It’s a lesson a father living in my city learned the hard way. The man left his 2-year-old daughter sleeping in his locked alarmed car while he ran into Wal-Mart to pick up a spare battery. When he returned to his vehicle his daughter was awake and two police officers were waiting to arrest him for child endangerment. That dad was lucky. Seriously. While I’m sure he wasn’t pleased about being hauled off by police, he is lucky his daughter is still alive. Had the temperature outside been higher his toddler would have suffered much more than just emotional trauma … Continue reading

12 Suggestions For Raising Godly Children

So you want to bring your children up in God’s ways so that they will follow Him. Here are some suggestions for ways you can help achieve this. 1. Pray for and with your child. Let them see the reality of your faith as you turn to the Lord in prayer when problems or hard times come, or just for God’s help with decisions each day. Encourage them by your example to praise God for the blessings of life every day. 2. As you pray for your children, pray for those they will grow up to marry. From the time … Continue reading

More Must-Have Items to Pack When Traveling with Children

Yesterday I raved about a cheap toy that is essential to have when visiting the beach with young children. The 99-cent rubber duck was a priceless commodity on our family’s recent trip to Hawaii. So what other basic, but often overlooked items should you also consider packing before you head off on your next family trip? Take a look: INFLATABLE TOYS Not only are they affordable, but they are also a cinch to pack. What’s more, if they get played with a half dozen times you’ve probably got your money’s worth and you won’t feel bad leaving them behind before … Continue reading