LDS Family Week in Review: June 18-23

Monday, June 18th: In General Conference: “Remember and Perish Not,” we reviewed Elder Jensen’s admonition to remember. Tuesday, June 19th: In Gospel Doctrine: Do As I Have Done To You, we learned about the importance of service in the teachings of the Savior. In Primary Time: Friends, we reviewed the importance of good friendships. Wednesday, June 20th: In Young Women: Good Works, we reviewed a value that focuses on service. In Remembering the Gospel, we learned ways to remember the Lord in our daily lives. And in Top Ten Items You’ll Find at a Ward Potluck, we took a humorous … Continue reading

Should You Attend All Your Church Activities?

When it comes to church activities, how do you decide which ones to attend and which ones to let pass by? It can be difficult to decide what is right for each family. I know that many of my nonmember family members and friends comment on how busy church keeps our family. So how and when do I decide to skip activities? It is important to realize that the church is there to support the family. If the activities are getting in the way of you spending the time with your family then you need to choose which activities to … Continue reading