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Appalled at Behavior

I admit sometimes I am appalled at the behavior of other Christians. In particular I feel strongly about people who are so intent on getting their point of view across that they think their right to speech overrides sensitivity, tact and the pain of other people. Take for example the behavior of those who protested at military funeral. While the law upheld they have a right to free speech, a bit of tact and empathy wouldn’t go astray.

For some people learning to be sensitive to other people’s pain is something that is not easily learned it would appear. When people are at a funeral of a loved one, the last thing they need is insensitive and unfeeling people. To hold up signs saying ‘God hates your tears’ and ‘thank God for dead soldiers’ is, in my opinion, disgraceful and unmindful of the feelings of others. Ones like ‘God Hates Fags’ are even worse. While they may contend that the bible decries homosexuality, as it does, God may hate the sin without hating the sinner.

I can’t help wondering what sort of example this is showing to the rest of the world. Is it just another case where people will look at them and say, ’Well what do you expect? All Christians are odd.’

The other thought that occurs to me with behavior such as this of protesting at funerals is this what Jesus would do? I don’t think so. He understood grief. He wept when confronted with the grief of Martha and Mary after the death of Lazarus, John 11. He certainly didn’t go in all guns blazing and tell people there what they were doing was wrong. Compassion is what our Lord showed. It’s a shame his followers don’t always show the same compassion in their dealings with others.

Of course, it also made me wonder how often others are appalled by things I say and do. It’s something for each of us to consider.

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