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Basic Repairs on an Electric Stove


Do you own an electric stove?  Repairs on any appliance can be costly, so if there is a way to fix-it-yourself, there is definitely money to be saved.

There are two main problems that can happen with an electric stove.  The first is a bad socket and the second is a bad switch.

The best way to test a burner is to put in one that you know for sure already works. When it fails to heat, it is either a socket or a switch.  An important note is that before you replace anything in an electric stove; make sure it is unplugged so that you don’t get shocked.

Sometimes the connection in a socket can burn out. You can usually tell this because it will look charred. If this is the problem, take the socket to a hardware store so you know which type to buy to replace it.

Usually a screw is what attaches the socket to the stove.  Simply unscrew it and the wires.  The new socket’s wires should be reconnected and screwed in.

If it’s not a bad socket, it could be a bad switch.  Again, please make sure the stove is unplugged before you decide to do any work on it.

Replacing the switch is a bit more complicated. So my recommendations are to do a Google search on how this is done.  A “You Tube” video is even better, as you can see what each piece looks like.  It is much easier than you might think.

If its not one of the above mentioned problems, whatever does seem to be the issue, you can always do a Google search on that.  You might be surprised at how much information is out there which can help you save lots of money. Of course, it could be a deeper problem.  In that case it might require calling a professional.