Decorating Your Home One Step at a Time

Wouldn’t it be great to pull a Trading Spaces and completely transform a room in your home in only two days? I’d love to do so myself, but I simply can’t devote two entire days to such a project, and I don’t have $1,000 to spend in each room, at least not all at one time.

The truth is it doesn’t all have to be done at once in order to achieve transformation. You can start by adding or updating one piece of furniture or one accessory and do it a step at a time. This is especially helpful if the elements you want to use are rather pricey.

Some people are afraid that by the time they get the entire room completed, half of the new stuff will seem old or everyone will be used to it, so it won’t feel like a transformation. There are ways to get around that.

Start small. Start by collecting a new accessory or two each week and put them away until you are ready to decorate the room. Next, begin purchasing furniture a piece at a time, or pick up fabric for a slipcover or new window treatments. The next week, buy your painting supplies and the next pick up your paint. When you have all your items together, begin your new room.

For other people, a tired room may need an instant pick me up. If you want to make a drastic difference quickly and worry about the finishing touches later, simply reverse the order of the steps suggested. Go ahead and paint first. Painting a room makes an instant difference and makes the space feel newer and cleaner. It will also motivate you to keep going when you see how much better it looks.

Next tackle large pieces in the room. Paint furniture a fresh new color or slipcover it if you can’t afford to replace it at the moment. You can change out or update accessories later, but just get started. Getting started is sometimes the hardest part.