Thoughts on Dressing Baby

Isn’t dressing up your little one a blast? Every outfit looks adorable when it’s a foot long. There are no rules when it comes to dressing your baby, either. Do you want your baby dressed up like a cowboy? That’s okay! Will she wear her princess pajamas to daycare? Babies can wear jammies whenever they want; no one minds. Shoes are adorable, but always optional for non-walkers. The only requirement for baby clothes is that they are soft on baby’s sensitive skin. Some of the baby clothes on the racks these days are so soft, I wish I could wear them!

How about the act of putting clothes on a baby; isn’t it much harder than you expected? At first, they are limp like little dolls, and the only difficulty is trying not to bend them in such a way that might hurt. You don’t really have to worry too much because newborns are so flexible. But then they start to do silly things, like stiffen out their arms, which makes slipping them through sleeves a chore. Before you know it, you’re trying to put pants on kicking legs. Once they learn to roll over and crawl away, getting dressed becomes a mobile activity. You find yourself running after a baby who is naked except for a single pant leg, and even that is slipping off. When the baby turns into a toddler, it’s a race against time. Can you shimmy a pair of shorts onto those skinny legs before they run into the next room? Have you ever found yourself throwing a shirt over their head, just to get them to pause long enough so you could pull their hands through the sleeves? Sometimes, you just have to let them run off with their pants twisted awkwardly around their waist and one arm sticking out the collar, and resolve to “fix it later.”

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