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Buying a Cul-de-sac House

We’re on our third house in four years. Luckily, we have been able to make some upgrades along the way. Our first one didn’t have a fence and was on a very busy road, near a stoplight. The second one was a step up because our neighborhood was a small ‘p’ shape without an outlet, but unfortunately, it still had enough teenage drivers coming through it to make me think about rallying for speed bumps. Now, we finally have it – the cul-de-sac house. Although it is perhaps the biggest indicator that one is far gone into the suburban realms, I have to admit that it is perfect for families. Our son has made friends with all the kids who live in the houses surrounding us. Another benefit is that the kids have a built-in place to ride bikes and scooters around without needing to go too far.

As long as a cul-de-sac is in a nice neighborhood that has young families, you can rest knowing that the children have a somewhat safer environment to play in. Nothing is foolproof, but there are a lot less cars coming through and whatever cars do come by have to slow down just by the nature of the curve. It is worth it to note, however, that children need to be aware of people backing out of driveways and the random driver using the street as a turn around.

Your children won’t be the only ones who enjoy their new location. Your bank account will reap benefits from you living in a cul-de-sac when you go to sell your home. When your children have grown up, you might be ready for an upgrade. Most buyers love the prospect of getting into a cul-de-sac home.

Outside from having a house on a private driveway off of a subdivision street, the house at the end of the street can be one of the best real estate investments you can make for your family. Make sure that the young families abound and your children will see your decision as a wonderful investment from a friendship making standpoint, as well.

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