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Down and Dirty Yard Sale Tips

Thinking about hosting a yard sale soon? Then you will really want to pay attention to the following tips. You’ll get the most impact for a successful and profitable yard sale if you follow this advice.

Be a salesman

When you are having your sale, be very friendly and outgoing. Greet anyone who comes to your sale, tell them that you are open to offers and available for help. Leave your guests alone to shop and don’t hover, but be within range in case they have questions. Offer some refreshments and a free table to draw people in and make them happy and comfortable. Joke around with bad jokes, such as offering free dandelions from your lawn with every purchase. It will grab shoppers attention and make you seem approachable.

Load up on entertainment

The best sellers at yard sales tend to be books, CDs, DVDs and video games. Reward shoppers for purchasing these things in bulk. Charge 25 cents to $2 a piece but offer those bulk deals. Display your books, CDs and DVDs where they are easy to browse, and straighten the area during down time.

Price everything

Don’t expect shoppers to make all of the offers. Have price stickers or signs on all of your items, or shoppers may walk away. It is okay to price things a little higher to allow room for haggling, but don’t go too high, or shoppers will walk away. Being greedy is a sure way to ruin a yard sale. a good guide is to only charge about 20 to 40 percent of the current price of an item purchased new, even if you are selling an item that is new in the box.

Skip the Sunday Sales

If you absolutely can’t have a yard sale on a Saturday, choose a Friday instead. believe it or not, you’ll have more success. Many people associate Sunday sales with items that have already been picked over and rejected.

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