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Father’s Day Photo Montage

I mentioned in an entry the other day, that my husband is hard to shop for. Sometimes, instead of shopping I have great out-of-the-box ideas for presents. I wrote in another blog about the poster made of candy bars.

My favorite gift for Father’s Day, and I think his too, was actually nothing I bought. I had a montage picture frame that we’d never used. I went through quite a few photo albums and found pictures of just him with our son, who was our only child at the time. I put the pictures in the frame – pictures of my husband holding our son for the first time, holding his hand for a walk, reading to him, both of them asleep on the sofa, my son on his father’s shoulders on a walk. None of the pictures were of great vacation destinations or anything extraordinary. They just showed some average moments with father and son having fun and enjoying the other’s company. For one of the picture holes I printed out a message from our son to my husband wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

The gift took my husband by surprise. He was very pleased with all the pictures and knew I’d gone to a lot of work. The montage frame still hangs in our bedroom as a reminder of those days of early parenthood. I’ve since done another frame with pictures of all three of our children with their father. I think it’s a really special gift and one that honors the special father – child relationship.

Of course, the idea is also great for mothers and grandparents too. I think it would be fun to do for a child, too – with pictures of the child with the special people in their life.

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