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Frugal Living Week in Review: December 17th Through December 30th

The middle of the holiday season is pretty hectic, isn’t it? Have you been snapping up those bargains? Now that we can take a deep breath and relax for a bit, we can catch up on all of the frugal goodness that is out there.
We had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a happy new year. I hope it is the same with you. Look for lots of new frugal ideas and news in the upcoming year!

This is the Frugal Living week in review for December 17th through December 30th.

December 17th

Frugal Living Week in Review: December 10th Through December 16th

This past week, we got back to the very practical, from cutting down on waste to stocking your pantry. And there are a few ideas for the holidays, too. Did you miss any of these informative articles? Here they are again in the Frugal Living Blog week in review for December 19th through December 16th.

December 18th

Frugal Ornaments

Christmas tree looking a little bare? You don’t have to spend a lot to make it beautiful and full of happy things. Just take a look at the following ideas that will help you decorate your tree for free (or almost free). Some of these ideas are taken from traditional Christmas Tree decorating traditions from folks who know what it is to live frugally, while other ideas have a more modern spin. Enjoy!

December 19th

Holiday Thrift Store Deals

The holidays are a great time to check out your local thrift stores. Here are some reasons why you’ll find some great treasures this time of year, and how you can take advantage of the deals.

December 20th

Gift Card Pitfalls

Giving and receiving gift cards seems like a great trend, doesn’t it? This year, according to recent statistics, more people will give gift cards than any other holiday gift. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of pitfalls with gift cards, such as the fact that some states can claim that money for themselves! I bet you didn’t know that!

December 21st

Eight Frugal Things to Do for Christmas

Looking for some fun activities that won’t add to your debt? There is plenty to do at the holidays that cost a little or nothing. Take advantage of these fun ideas to make your holiday special and your bank account full.

December 26th

Day After Christmas Shopping

Will you be doing any post holiday shopping today? There is a good reason to get out there and grab some bargains. The biggest reason is that you will be able to stock up on seasonal items for next year. Today, expect to see Christmas items marked 50 percent off, perhaps even more. Sure, you could wait another week until sales go even higher to 75 percent or 90 percent off, but chances are that there won’t be much left to choose among.

December 27th

Best Buys for December

With December, the deals are all about the holidays. There are no surprises there. And, as soon as those doors open on december 26th, there is holiday merchandise on sale. You’ll find the usual Christmas cards and ornaments, but there are some surprises, too.

December 28th

Frugal Ideas for Unwanted Gifts (1)

Did santa miss the mark on a gift or two? Maybe you really wanted a mixer instead of a Hermes bag or vice versa? Your first instinct might be to stuff the item in the closet, basement and garage and forget about it until the next time you decide to clean one of those areas. But, there are plenty of frugal ways to deal with gifts that are less than perfect and save yourself some money.

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