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Getting Help With Your Garage Sale

A garage sale is a lot of hard work. With everything there is to do, like before the sale preparations, day of the sale chaos, and then cleaning up afterwards, it sure would be great to have a little help. But what do you do when you aren’t sure who to ask for help, how to ask for help, or even what you might need help with? Do not be afraid to ask, and do not be afraid to delegate certain responsibilities to your helpers, and assign them specific duties. You might even just wish to have a friend with you for company, which can work to your benefit as well.

Having at least one other person with you, on the day of the sale, is extremely important. At some point there will be bathroom breaks, food breaks and other unplanned interruptions, that will need your attention. Having someone on hand, to take over, as needed, is a tremendous help and is a huge safety measure.

Try recruiting family members first. This is usually the easiest, because either they have some investment in the garage sale, or they are family so they have a tough time saying no. Next, turn to friends and neighbors. Offer to sell some of their unwanted items in your sale, giving them the profits. Or if they are having an upcoming sale, you might wish to offer your help at theirs.

In addition, you are forced to clean items, prepare them and price them, prior to your sale date. Enlist your children’s help, if possible. Often, they enjoy the opportunity to help out. Encourage them to ask their own friends if they wish to help, and allow those children to throw an item or two into the sale, and allow them to keep their profits.

Interestingly, after the sale, there is typically nobody to be found. In fact, I have more than once, torn down an entire garage sale, by myself. But if you have enlisted a friends help for the sale, you might ask if they would stick around and help you clean up. You could even offer to buy them lunch with your profits, to thank them for their support during your sale.

Whoever you ask, or whatever you decide to do, just be sure that there is always someone to help you out, at some point. Be sure it is someone you trust and that you feel safe, having run your sale when you are away temporarily.

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