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How Much House Does Your Family Need?

Without even taking into account how much stuff each family member has, determining square footage needs may seem like a mathematical formula that doesn’t exist. It can become more confusing when one also considers that sometimes it’s not just the square footage that you get in a house, but the way that it’s divvied out that really matters. Giant master bedrooms and tiny living rooms seem to be the norms for creating unused or over used areas. You can also find families trying their best to fill up a house that has much more space than they could ever use.

The first step is to think about your current living situation. Think about which rooms you spend the most time working, playing and living in. Think about which hobbies you have and how much room is needed to comfortably engage in them. Consider these variables for each family member.

The second step is to think futuristically about each person in your family. Maybe there are space needs that your family will need in the very near future. For example, small children sharing a room will shortly want to branch into their own space if at all possible. Also, be mindful that couples who have consolidated their lives often miss having their own room. See if you can find a home that has enough diversity so that each person has the opportunity to have an office, loft or maybe even a section of a larger room shaped out with a room divider, so that they can express their individuality.

Certainly, we may not be able to afford enough footage to our satisfaction, but we can choose homes that best fit with our living needs. Thinking creatively will help us through the days until we can find or build our dream home. If we take note of our priorities as we hunt for a new home, we can make sure that no one’s needs get forgotten.

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