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Intimacy Impacted by Chores?


So what’s the secret to strong intimacy in a marriage?  Apparently it’s when a couple fulfills the more traditional roles of chores.

Now keep in mind that although the results of this study were recently made known, it was conducted back in 1992.  So there is the strong possibility that today’s results would be different.

The study showed that even when men took on some of the chores traditionally taken care of by females (such as laundry, cleaning, cooking), it was good for the marriage but it didn’t really impact intimacy.  However, things get better when men stick to the more traditional chores such as mowing the lawn, handling the finances and fixing the vehicles.

I will admit that I am probably one of those rare species that still enjoys the traditional role of a husband and wife.  I don’t mind when my husband pitches in every-so-often with the laundry or cooks a meal.  But I definitely wouldn’t want to get stuck with shoveling, mowing, changing the oil in the car and making basic repairs around the house.

At the same time, I recognize that I am also one of those rare breeds who have been able to stay home while raising my children.  And now, even though I work, I do it from home.  So it’s probably a lot easier to stay on the traditional path.

But times are changing, that I recognize.  Perhaps a man in an apron slaving away at the stove might be a turn-on for some women.  As for me, I prefer to see his hands grimy with dirt from the car or sawdust in his hair from fixing something.

In the end, what matters most is that both sides agree on the roles of a husband and wife.  Traditional or not, I believe that intimacy is fulfilling when you are working together as a couple…no matter how that plays out.