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Learning Social Skills in the Summer

church-campNothing has plagued the homeschooling movement more than the idea that a child, who is not immersed in a traditional classroom setting, would be deficient in social skills.  In fact, some families have shunned the idea of educating their children at home because they feel the choice would turn their kids into social outcasts.

This is a complete fallacy.

There are a myriad of opportunities for homeschooled children to learn how to get along with their peers, though, summer often provides the most varied choices.  Some of the most popular include:

Camps:  Some homeschool co-ops organize their own summer camps, but if your child is old enough, he may want to attend a traditional sleepaway camp located outside your hometown.  Fortunately, there are a plethora of camps that spotlight different areas of interest, including sports, music and technology.  Allow your child to select the type of camp that he is most interested in attending, even if it means he will be traveling away from home for a couple of weeks to attend.  The opportunity will allow him to meet new friends and make lasting memories.  Not only will your kid get the chance to experience new adventures, attending camp teaches kids how to become independent while living with a diverse group of people.

Church:  Many religious organizations offer a slew of kid-friendly activities during the summer months.  Vacation Bible School is a huge draw at churches across the nation.  In addition, youth groups often hire homeschooled teens to oversee church-sponsored children’s events.  Whether your son or daughter attends as a group leader or a participant, he or she will be having fun in a safe social setting designed to promote positive values and beliefs.

Sports:  During the summer months, local Parks and Recreation Departments offer a wide variety of sports programs for kids of all ages.  This is a prime opportunity for your sports-loving kid to play with children from different schools.  Children can interact with one another while playing basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, football or volleyball.  Moreover, they will be learning the fine art of team work.


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