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Negativity Toward Self


Have you ever considered that the way you see yourself could be a hindrance to a fitter, healthier you?  So often we look at roadblocks as outside sources…lack of time, money, or even our own motivation.

Yet if we don’t see ourselves in a positive light, this can also stand in the way of success.  There are a couple of reasons why.  One is that we unconsciously believe that we don’t deserve better.

We may look in the mirror, hating what we see and think that this is it…this is the best we can do.  We aren’t worth the time and effort of striving for a fitter lifestyle.  We don’t believe we can handle the changes.

Negativity is a rut that is very difficult to climb out of.  You can sink deeper and deeper.

But there is a second reason a negative view of ourselves can stand in the way of making healthy changes in our life.  It is that we see ourselves as a failure.

We may look in the mirror and see a loser, someone who can’t control their eating and has no ability to stick to an exercise program.  If we don’t believe we can do it, we likely won’t.

Negative thoughts toward self can be extremely damaging.  Not only in the way of feeling worse and worse.  But it can hinder any efforts you would attempt to make to eat healthier or to get active.

It’s as if you have this negative self-talk going on, little voices in your head that tell you it will never happen.  You will never be able to lose weight.  You will never be able to get fitter.  You will never be able to wear shorts, or fit in that dress.

It’s not easy to change this.  But it’s critical to be truly successful at adopting a fitter lifestyle.  Perhaps by even recognizing it as an issue, it will help someone start to take steps toward a more positive mindset.

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Stephanie Romero is a professional blogger for Families and full-time web content writer. She is the author and instructor of an online course, "Recovery from Abuse," which is currently being used in a prison as part of a character-based program. She has been married to her husband Dan for 21 years and is the mother of two teenage children who live at home and one who is serving in the Air Force.