MHB Supports Parents Who Are LGBT

MHB (Men Having Babies, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization that was spun off in July 2012 from a program that ran at the NYC LBGT Center since 2005. It started as a peer support network for biological gay fathers and fathers-to-be, offering monthly workshops and an annual seminar.  Over time, elaborate online resources were developed, the group’s mailing list expanded to thousands of couples and singles from around the world, and it teamed up with LGBT family associations to develop similar programs in Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Miami, Dallas, Tel Aviv, Taipei and Brussels. MHB’s mission includes: The provision of … Continue reading

Is It Right for Babies to Have Pierced Ears?

Whether or not to get your baby girl’s ears pierced remains somewhat of a controversy in the United States. Some parents, especially those from a Latin culture, believe it is not only customary to piece a baby’s ears as soon as possible (in Latin American, it is often done moments after a daughter is born) but less painful. Ear piercing, is painful, though, no matter when it is done. Anesthesia isn’t usually given, even when the piercing is done by a doctor. Some doctors will agree to a topical pain numbing medication, but this usually has limited results. Personally, we … Continue reading

The Great Changing Debate

I will be the first to admit that my child has relieved herself in some very unconventional places. Many of these incidents took place prior to her procuring a paralyzing fear of automatic-flushing toilets. In fact, much earlier.  As in diaper early. While I am quite thankful for the convenience afforded by disposable diapers, changing a soiled Pamper in public is not always easy. Accidents happen, emergencies need to be dealt with.  As a parent, you likely know this very well and take measures to cope accordingly. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict when uncomfortable situations may occur. Just ask the … Continue reading

Cute Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts (Inexpensive, Too!)

Handmade gifts, especially when they mark milestones in your child’s life can be lovely. You’ll find yourself years from now looking at them and remembering back to earlier times. I have a small collection of these gifts, and they always make me smile. For example, there is the wax cast of my first-born’s hand when he was only two. We were at a festival, and the vendor didn’t want to cast anyone under the age of four because children that age tend not to hold still. We insisted and said we would take it, no matter how it came out. … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Strollers and Baby Carriers

Over the weekend, we had some very nice weather. Even though the dirt road that we live on is muddy and full of deep ruts, I really wanted to take the boys out for a walk. Dylan really wanted me to take the double stroller out so that he could ride with his baby brother for part of our walk. I thought that it might be fun to see whether our beat up double jogging stroller (which we got from the thrift store last year) was up to the challenge. We enjoyed a wonderful walk, and since the stroller is … Continue reading

Better Off Not Knowing

As parents, we want the best for our children.  We want to protect them from harm and ensure them every success in life.  To that end, most of us take to heart information provided by experts, such as doctors, researchers and scientists.  However, more and more these days it seems said experts are spending way too much time, money and resources analyzing subjects that most parents are better off not knowing. Case in point:   A recent study regarding diapers, babies and the ability to walk.  According to three reputable developmental scientists, who were able to convince some entity to … Continue reading

The Dirty Diaper and Your Child’s Health

According to a New York Times article, “In a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers led by Anita Kozyrskyj found that babies born by C-Section vaginally, and that infants who were breast-fed had a different recipe of bacteria in their guts than those who were given formula.” And when it comes to health, specifically digestive heath and the immune system, it is the bacteria, or bugs, that count. Studies have long shown that children who have been delivered by C-Section have greater risks of certain illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes and obesity, as do children who were … Continue reading

The Sleep Puzzle

The past couple of nights have been difficult for me and my little one. He has not been sleeping well because he is sick with a cold virus. It is always difficult for the mom when your baby isn’t sleeping will. Sometimes, it can make you feel downright crazy. Well, lately, his naps have been a challenge, too. Yesterday, he spent almost two hours fighting his nap. I went in there several times to figure out what to do to  help him. I even offered a second bottle. Yet, he wasn’t hungry. I’m not sure what he needed exactly, except … Continue reading

What Makes Your Baby Special?

This past weekend, I got a trip away from my own kiddos to go and meet my precious new niece who is 4 months old. She is my youngest sister’s first baby, and I was thrilled to meet her. I can hardly believe my baby sister has a baby herself. I loved snuggling this new bundle, and seeing her smile was such a delight. Why is it that babies are so enticing? Especially little nieces and nephews? I was astonished at how much she reminded me of my own babies. All the little sounds, coos, and facial expressions were priceless. … Continue reading

When Mommy’s Away, Baby Will Play

This weekend, I’m going out of town for the first time and leaving my baby home with my husband. It is an exciting time for me because in the almost 7 years that I’ve been a mom, this is the first time I will leave my kids for an entire weekend and not have another person to look after. It is going to be amazing. And, very weird. In fact, I started thinking about how weird it will be for my baby. He pretty much has not left my side since I popped him out 14 months ago. He is … Continue reading