Twins Magazine – Magazine Review

One of the first things I did, once I found out I was expecting twins, was to order Twins Magazine. Twins Magazine has been around since 1984 and is published six times a year. The magazine focuses on multiple births, not only twins but triplets and even higher. I was so grateful to find a magazine geared toward multiples. I had a four year old and had learned a lot about parenting through other parent magazines. But those magazines didn’t cover twins. I didn’t know anyone with twins. I wasn’t sure I could manage two infants at the same time. … Continue reading

Too Many Kiddos!

(This is my attempt to write a little humor without the list format. The fact that I am providing an intro to clarify that is, of course, a bad sign. Still, I want to make sure no one thinks I am just ranting like a crazy person. I am crazy, I’m just not ranting. Much.) Why is it that wherever I go, people think I have too many kids? I only have four – and the fourth is only a recent addition, so most of my experience comes from three – but from the way people point, gawk, and stare, … Continue reading

Have Mercy on the Twin Moms!!!

If you’ve ever done this or are guilty of doing it I will state up front that I forgive you. While I realize not all MOMs (mothers of multiples) are like me, I belong to a few forums for twin mommies and I have to tell you that the majority of us. . .well, we are. Especially those of us who are watching twins and other children at the same time. As shocking as it may seem, we don’t love all the attention that comes with taking the twins out in public. In fact, when moms of multiples see each … Continue reading

Twins Having Twins

This website is chock full of information on twins. Juggling twins, schooling twins, feeding twins, riding a bike with twins… unlocking the mystery of behind the twin phenomenon seems to be a hot topic on this site. Yes, I have learned a lot about twins since joining this community, but what I have yet to completely understand is the seemingly odd coincidences that surround the chosen few who live their lives with a sibling who shares the same birthday. This next story illustrates my point: Twin sisters Nicole Cramer and Naomi Sale got pregnant around the same time and were … Continue reading

The Cost of Breastfeeding Intervention vs. Formula Feeding

I have written before about my beloved Meghan, who was the absolute worse nursing baby in the whole world. She was cranky, didn’t latch properly, made breastfeeding a nightmare. . .and so on. She was my third baby though, so I was willing to seek out qualified professional help. . .at the hefty price of $135 per hour! Our insurance company does not cover a visit to the lactation consultant. I am not aware of any in this area that do nor am I aware of any pediatric practices that have them on staff. (Some pediatric practices near us have … Continue reading

Taming the Green Monster in Twins

I have recently come to the realization that my former “tried and true” techniques for taming jealousy in my other children have come to fall significantly short. There has always been the expectation that the oldest child is required to be slightly more gracious to a younger sibling simply because they are older and are capable of understanding more complex directions. However, Emily’s seventeen minutes of seniority over her sister have no effect on her ability to understand more complex directions. So, I am left with twin girls who will willingly trample each other to get to the object of … Continue reading

5 Great Information Resources for M.O.M.s (Mothers of Multiples)

As any mother of twins (or more) can tell you, being blessed with two little bundles at one time is not in any way, shape or form, like having one baby at a time–even if the said babies are close in age. It is not a little harder than one newborn, and it is certainly not easier as one very worn out mother told me saying, “Well, at least lots of people will help you.” Having multiples is exponentially harder than having one baby and believe me, we M.O.M.s can use all the resources we can get. 1. National Organization … Continue reading

Ode to Twins and Supertwins: 28 Interesting Facts About Multiples

1. Up to 22% of twins are left-handed. In the general populace, only 10% are left-handed. 2. Did you know that where you live can help determine whether or not you conceive multiples? If you live in Massachusetts and Connecticut, the twinning rate is 25% higher than the general populace. 3. On the other hand, if you don’t want twins, move to Hawaii. Their rate of twin births is 30% less than the rate in the rest of the nation. 4. If you are super adventurous and want triplets, Nebraska or New Jersey is the place for you to make … Continue reading

A Shopping Guide for Twins (or more) Part 4: Bathing, Changing, & Clothing

Here it is: the last of the baby gear for multiples blog. I hope I have helped you think through your purchases or registry items. As we’ve been discussing, there are lots of things to keep in mind when shopping for multiples aside from the fact that there are two of them! Bathing Anything that the babies will both use like towels, or wash clothes you’ll want to make sure that you have extras. Don’t buy two baby bathtubs. I thought this would go without saying until one day I heard one mom say that she was buying two bathtubs … Continue reading

A Shopping Guide for Twins (or more) Part 3: Toys and Other Goodies

This is the blog for anything else that didn’t fit into the other three! It is socially acceptable to ask for odd things when you are having multiples. People generally recognize that having twins requires quite a bit of extra effort and most friends that are asking you what they can do, will not be offended if you answer creatively. When you are responding to people who want to help, consider suggesting the following gifts along with your registry. Gift Cards Because there are so many “unknowns” with multiples I recommend that you politely ask for money. Gift cards to … Continue reading