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The Single Parent and the Stubborn Child

Being a single parent is hard enough but then if you have a stubborn child, things can become extremely challenging. Typically, a stubborn child is one determined to do what he or she wants – regardless. You might hear things such as, “I’ll put my shoes on after my cartoon”, or “I’m not going to clean my room because I don’t want to.” Obviously, these statements can send a single parent over the top.

Keep in mind that most children show stubborn tendencies at one time or another during life. However, a truly stubborn child simply refuses to budge, even when you try bribing, threatening, or begging. Many times, the natural reaction of the single parent is to become angry, which only fuels the fire while encouraging the degree of stubbornness.

The truth is that stubbornness is a negative behavior. If you have a child displaying this type of behavior, he or she feels the need to be assertive to get attention. For this reason, when your child starts acting stubborn, realize you have just been provided a clue that something is up. It could be that your time is so busy with work and normal household duties, your child feels a little left out or lonely, especially if you have recently divorced.

Instead of becoming frustrated or angry, recognize that better communication is needed between you and your child. You can be firm, making sure you do not argue with the child. Your position is to be the parent while also listening. For example, if your child were to say, “I’m not going to school”, you may want to find out if your child is being picked on, is not making friends, or perhaps is butting heads with a particular teacher.

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