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Ways for Families to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a great time for families to engage in activities that celebrate planet Earth. The purpose is for parents to encourage their kids to think about the effect their choices have on the environment. We all need to take better care of our planet.

Visit the official Earth Day website. It includes an Earth Day event map that parents can use to find one near where they live. If you don’t see one there, check the social media website of your local mayor, or the local environmental group. This year, due to COVID-19, some events may be held online.

Plant milkweed. The population of monarch butterflies has dropped by 26% in the past year. One reason for the drastic decrease is the disappearance of the milkweed plant. Monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on the leaves of the milkweed plant. Families can plat milkweed in their garden to help monarch butterflies thrive.

Toddlers can benefit from opportunities to connect with nature. Parents can encourage their toddler to identify the color of animals and plants that they see on a walk. Point out when the weather changes to your toddler, and teach them words like rain and snow. Toddlers can learn about the types of trees where they live by examining leaves that have fallen.

Eat plant based foods. Cutting back on meat, dairy, and eggs can help prevent deforestation and climate change. Families can have Meatless Mondays with meals that are plant based. Parents should explain to their children the reasons for the change, and how it helps the environment.

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