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Ways to Make Disneyland Less Expensive

Disneyland Balloon ResizedPlanning a trip to Disneyland? Your children will love it. Your wallet, however, may be cringing already! Family travel can get expensive very quickly, especially when a theme park is involved. Here are some ways to make Disneyland a little less expensive.

How to save money on tickets
If you live in Anaheim, California, you won’t have much difficulty finding a discount on tickets to Disneyland. There are “Disneyland Good Neighbor” hotels that can legally sell tickets at a discounted price. If you live elsewhere, you can take advantage of the discounted tickets by booking a hotel stay in one of those hotels.

Make sure you avoid the scammers and scalpers who are trying to sell Disneyland tickets. Don’t make your purchase from eBay, Craigslist, or a random person who is standing on the sidewalk near Disneyland. Those tickets could be fraudulent, leaving you with no tickets and no money.

Book during the off season
The “Value Season” at Disneyland takes place in January and February. It also includes the last three weeks of October, the first three weeks of November, and the first three weeks of December. Plan your trip during the “Value Season” and you can save money. You also won’t have to put up with the huge crowds that appear during the summer months.

Consider buying a vacation package
Disneyland offers several different kinds of vacation packages. It is a good idea to speak with a travel agent before making your purchase. The travel agent may have offers that you cannot find online.

A vacation package is designed to help families save money on the cost of visiting Disneyland. It can include the hotel, the tickets, trip insurance, and other things. In general, it will cost more to buy everything separately than to buy it together in one package.

Find out what Disney is offering
The official Disney website has a list of their current discounts. Some special offers are for current and retired military personnel. Other offers are for everyone. You can find ticket offers, special room rates for members of the U.S. Military, and deals on 3-day passes. Annual Passholders have access to the widest variety of discounts.

Ways to save on food
One way to cut down on the cost of meals is to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast that your hotel offers. Eat before you visit Disneyland. What if you get hungry while you are there? Many of the restaurants in Disneyland serve a large amount of food. Your family could split up a few meals, feed everyone, and save on the cost. Another idea is to order an appetizer instead of an entree.

Image by Crystal Marie Lopez on Flickr.

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