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Where to Find Great Recipes from Kraft

macaroni and cheese resizedWhat will you be feeding your family for dinner tonight? There are times when that is a rather difficult question to answer. It helps if you have plenty of recipes to choose from. Fortunately, there are many places to find recipes from Kraft.

There was a time when people had to rely on cookbooks, women’s magazines, and the box of handwritten recipes that their mother and grandmother handed down to them for recipe ideas. Today, companies that make food products are very active online. This makes it really easy to find plenty of recipes that include products from your favorite company.

If your family happens to like Kraft, then you are in luck! Kraft gives fans several ways to access their recipes. The most reliable source is the Kraft website itself.

Do you prefer having recipes that you can access without having to go online? Kraft has a magazine called “Food & Family”. Each issue includes new recipes, quick family favorites and easy how-to’s, and recipes for desserts and treats.

The magazine is not free. It requires a subscription. At the time I am writing this blog (June 19, 2014) it costs $13.98 for a one year subscription to Food & Family magazine. Those who order before December 31, 2014, will also receive a free Kraft Best Loved Recipes Cookbook. I would not expect their special offer to continue after that date.

Do you prefer to go online to find great recipes? Kraft has an entire section of their website dedicated to recipes. Use their search engine and type in an ingredient that you want to include in a meal. Or, click one of the links on their sidebar to help narrow things down when you have no idea what to cook.

Those of you who are new to cooking can watch the “Cooking School Videos” that Kraft has posted on their website. It is a good way to learn how to do some basic cooking techniques or to make a specific recipe.

Do you love to find recipes on Facebook? Kraft has a Facebook page. They post lots of links to their recipes (along with a great looking photo of the food). You can sign up for their email right through their Facebook page. The email includes simple meal ideas and previews of new recipes from their magazine.

Choose the route that works best for you. Everyone has their favorite way to access information and find new recipes. Kraft offers a lot of their recipes online for free. If you are a magazine lover, and have a few extra dollars to spend, you might consider the magazine.

Not a fan of Kraft? That’s ok. These same type of resources exist for other companies that make food products, too. Start with your favorite food company’s Facebook page. It will lead you to their official website (and more recipes).

Image by Stu_Spivack on Flickr.

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