Meet a Blogger – Lauri Griffin!

Welcome to a new series here on, where you can learn more about the bloggers you read every day. Today we are chatting with Lauri Griffin, who manages a literacy program for struggling readers. Lauri, how long have you blogged for I started December 2007. What topics do you blog about? Family Fun and Media Reviews. What is your favorite thing about blogging for I love to hear that someone used an idea from one of my blogs. Parenting is hard work. I try to mainly suggest things that don’t take much time or money, things that … Continue reading

Candy Bar Messages

My husband has a serious sweet tooth. The man loves candy. One year for Valentine’s Day, my oldest son and I created him a huge valentine made out of candy bars. We took a poster board and wrote a message in candy and markers. We used as much candy as we could by using the names of the candy bars in our message. The first word was “Daddy”, so we taped over the word sugar on a Sugar Daddy bar. Our message continued, “You are a LIFESAVER. We love you MOUNDS and to PIECES. You are our HERO. You are … Continue reading

Sweet Treats for a Spooktacular Halloween Buffet

If you plan to forgo the trick-or-treating this year to host a Halloween party these next recipes will add a burst of color to your buffet table. The first recipe for Graveyard Brownies is a great way to get the kids involved in the party prep. Baking the brownies is extremely straightforward; it’s the assembly that requires creativity (that’s where your children’s help will come in handy). Your sugary cemetery will have your guests talking long after the party ends. The second recipe for Rainbow Popcorn is a bit more involved. It’s basically, sugar-coated popcorn, tinted orange and green for … Continue reading

Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day never seems to get as much press as Mother’s Day. It’s sad, really. Dads are important, and we should make their day special. My own family is celebrating today instead of tomorrow since my husband has to drive our oldest to scout camp tomorrow. I have a pineapple upside cake in the oven. This is one of my husband’s favorite childhood desserts, but I’ve never made it before. I was never a big fan of it, I’m more of the every cake should be chocolate mindset. Our children are at the moment armed with rags and cleaners and … Continue reading

Easy Valentine’s Cards to Make

Valentine’s Day is coming! We’ve been so busy that the kids haven’t picked out Valentine’s at the drugstore yet. The good cards are probably all sold out. By the time we went to buy cards last year all that was left were Barbie and Barney. My then nine year old boys were not impressed. Not to worry though, we can always make our own cards. I’ve seen a lot of cute ideas for homemade Valentine’s cards this year. One idea is to make a flower from cut out hearts and a small round lollipop, like a Dum Dum. The one … Continue reading

Father’s Day Photo Montage

I mentioned in an entry the other day, that my husband is hard to shop for. Sometimes, instead of shopping I have great out-of-the-box ideas for presents. I wrote in another blog about the poster made of candy bars. My favorite gift for Father’s Day, and I think his too, was actually nothing I bought. I had a montage picture frame that we’d never used. I went through quite a few photo albums and found pictures of just him with our son, who was our only child at the time. I put the pictures in the frame – pictures of … Continue reading

A Lesson from “Jane” – What NOT to do as a Direct Sales Person

I’ll never forget the day I told my family members that I was joining a direct selling business. “You are doing WHAT?” they asked…clearly stunned. Quite honestly, I think they would have taken the news better had I told them I’d quit my job as a social worker to become an exotic dancer. I used to wonder why many people had such negative opinions of the direct selling industry until I met “Jane”. This summer I set a booth up at a local craft fair for my business. Jane was in the booth next to me. She sprayed perfume on … Continue reading

Planning a Valentine’s Party for School

Today I am busy planning games for the Valentine’s Day party for my twins’ third grade class. Their winter holiday party got canceled due to a blizzard. So I want the Valentine’s party to be extra special. I’m trying to think up fresh ideas or at least fun slants on old ideas. I think we might do the old guess how many valentine heart candies are in the jar game. But since they are learning multiplication now, I think I’ll throw a multiplying slant to it. How many candies would there be if there were three jars with just as … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Sweet Surprises at School

I don’t know about your area, but around here it’s all the rage to have surprises for children delivered to school on Valentine’s Day. Many schools will allow you to have something delivered or to drop something off in the lobby. Gifts are usually distributed later in the day to avoid disrupting classes, but it’s a nice way to brighten your children’s day and make them feel special. You can order a Valentine’s Day gift, flowers, or balloons, etc. or you can create something yourself. Here are some ideas: Soda Surprise Start with a plastic bottle of your child’s favorite … Continue reading

Tips For Dealing With Hurt Feelings On Valentine’s Day

Next month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. When I was in elementary and middle school, we exchanged cards and candy with our classmates. I remember how we would eagerly count our stash to see just who had the most cards. I also remember that some of my classmates didn’t receive many cards and I always felt sorry for those kids. I always gave each of classmates a card, even the ones I didn’t like. My close friends received candy as well as a card. Another thing I recall about Valentine’s Day was that this seemed to be the day when secret … Continue reading