Burn Calories with Stair Sprinting

Looking for an easy, free way to burn calories? You don’t have to invest into an expensive machine and you probably don’t have to go anywhere. You just need to find a set of stairs in your home and you are ready to go. I have always enjoyed stair stepping, which is something I do with my Wii board. However to take your exercise up a notch, you might try stair sprinting. Instead of just walking up and down a step (as you do in stair stepping), you take sprints up stairs. If you don’t have a set of stairs … Continue reading

Ways to Suppress Hunger

Half the time, I know I eat because I am bored or stressed. Sometimes I find myself eating when I know good and well that I am not hungry. I ran across an email the other day titled Natural Appetite Suppressors, so I decided to do some research to see what I could find to help me. One that I know of (because my husband is always reminding me of it) is water. If you feel like eating something, drink some water. I try to remember this one because not only will the water make me feel full and suppress … Continue reading

Easy Ways to Burn Calories

I’ve slacked off on the gym, so now I am looking for ways to burn calories. I can across this list of easy ways to burn 100 calories from Our Lady of Weigh Loss, Janice Taylor. These are things I could (and probably should be doing): Vacuuming This I can do! If you vacuum for just 25 minutes, you can burn 100 calories. Janice, however, lives in a New York City apartment that only takes 10 minutes to vacuum, so she volunteers to do her neighbor’s vacuuming as well. Who is going to turn that kind of offer down? Drink … Continue reading

Crank Up Your Cardio to Burn More Calories

If you are a busy parent with limited opportunities to exercise on your own then you know how important it is to make the most of each and every workout session. Prior to having my daughter I worked out at least two hours a day roughly six days a week. These days I am lucky if I can get in my marathon training four to five days a week. Knowing that I have to make the most of every limited opportunity I’m given I’ve had to crank up the intensity of my runs. A few of the running club members … Continue reading

Six More Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

You want to turn your body into a lean, mean fat-burning machine? Great! Here are six more ways to give your metabolism a jump start. Drink plenty of water. Better yet — drink cold water. Research from Germany suggests that the extra work your body does to heat the water to body temperature can give your metabolism a boost. Aim for six cups (forty-eight ounces) of cold water daily. Make sure you get plenty of iron in your diet. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen through your body. Your muscles need oxygen in order to burn fat. So if you … Continue reading

Using a Calorie Burned Calculator

You would be amazed at how many calories you can burn in a single day. Many of the things we do day in and day out, burn excessive calories but to have a full understanding of the amount of calories burned, you could use any online calorie burned calculator. Remember, to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than the body is consuming. In most cases, experts will advise you that to lose weight, you should set a goal to cut back 500 calories a day. In other words, if you typically eat around 2,500 to 2,000 calories in a … Continue reading

Ramp Up: Burn More Calories In the Same Amount of Time

In Women’s Fitness: Fast, Fit & Fulfilling, I told you about the fitness regimen prescribed by Raphael Calzadilla of eDiets.com. In that same vein, let’s talk about ramping up the intensity of your walking program in order to maximize your caloric burn in the same amount of time you spend walking now. The busier we are, the more we look for ways to improve our fitness options. This is a potential option for you if you enjoy walking outdoors or in. My preference as stated here several times is for the treadmill that I use to work out and catch … Continue reading

Be a Better Single Parent In Four MORE Easy Ways

Hopefully you are feeling less guilty and worrying dramatically less than you were before my article yesterday. And you are seeking out help and support and learning to be a better single parent. There isn’t a right or wrong way, but there are certainly some ways to help! Here are four more incredibly wonderful ways that you can resolve yourself to be a better single mom or dad! Patience is a Gift Stress all around, and often you find yourself hollering at the kids for no reason? I know I do! I don’t mean to, but when you’re doing everything … Continue reading

Types of Heart Rate Monitors

My last blog talked about how heart rate monitors can improve fitness.  Now we are going to look at the different types that are available and who would benefit from having one. However, I feel a reminder is in order here.  Always consult first with a doctor before starting a new exercise program. The two basic types of heart rate monitors are chest strap models (which go around your chest) and finger sensor models (wristwatch style, where you touch a sensor with your finger).  A variety of features can be found with both types. The following are some of the … Continue reading

Tips for Post Partum Exercise

There is a lot to be said about post partum exercise. Whether the motivation is to lose pregnancy weight, get fit after baby, or to simply get back into the routine (all of these are my motivation to exercise post partum), there are a number of things that you can do to make your post partum workouts a success. First and foremost: mental preparation. You need to get it in your head that you are going to start working out as soon as you are physically able be it four weeks post partum or twelve weeks post partum. Based on … Continue reading