Parting With Your Ring

When you and your ex split what did you do with your wedding ring? Did you tuck it into a dresser drawer? Did you sell it? Did you fling it out the window? For many new divorcees trying to decide what to do with their ring can be a difficult decision. At first, I didn’t want to let mine go. I loved my wedding ring. It had been become a part of me. Of course, now that I was no longer married I couldn’t really justify wearing it anymore, so for the first year I had it tucked away in … Continue reading

Need Extra Cash? Sell Your Wedding Dress!

Weddings are expensive. We can pay upwards of thousands of dollars for our wedding dresses, which we wear once (okay, maybe a few times, if we do bridal pictures and have multiple receptions) and then they hang in our closets or sit in storage. Then financial trials come along, and we wonder how to pay off the new bills. Have you ever considered selling your wedding dress? Other brides are in need of beautiful dresses, and they’d be more than happy to save some money and purchase a gently used gown. You can do this in a number of different … Continue reading

Things to Know About Wedding Insurance

Are you planning a big wedding? There are a lot of people who spend more than a year figuring out every little detail about exactly how they want their wedding to be. Making this happen can cost thousands of dollars. Wedding insurance can give you some protection in case something goes wrong. Later on this week, I will be flying halfway across the country to attend my sister’s wedding. This will be my first experience being a bridesmaid. So far, I am amazed by how many little tiny details bridesmaids have to deal with. I purchased the dress, and found … Continue reading

Rent Your Children for Extra Cash

This gets listed under one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. It is such as simple idea, and yet it can make you some easy money. Making ends meet can be pretty tough right now, and our kids tend to add to the burden with all of those extra expenses. Besides food, clothing and medical cares, there are toys, activities, school fees, etc. It really adds up. Kids really make you spend. Everyone should be involved in frugal living in a family, and that includes children as well. If everyone is on board with saving money and … Continue reading

Frugal Guest at the Wedding

Wedding season is upon us, and you may be looking forward to attending several weddings in the next few months. Did you know that the average wedding guest spends somewhere between $200 and $500 just to attend a wedding let alone be part of the wedding party? Here are some ways to cut your spending without being cheap. Travel and lodging can be a big expense when it comes to attending weddings. There are several ways to cut costs. The bride and groom may have already made arrangements for lodging and transportation, but if they haven’t there are still some … Continue reading

After the Wedding: Keep the Dress or Sell It?

What did you do with your dress after your wedding? Or, for those of you who are about to be married, what do you plan to do with it? Since I was pretty sure even back when I got married that I didn’t want to have kids, I didn’t really see a point in keeping my wedding dress. I didn’t foresee I’d have a daughter to pass it down to, so why keep it? But I ended up keeping it anyway. Mostly at Wayne’s insistence of all things. When we moved from Phoenix to Jacksonville we held a garage sale. … Continue reading

Weddings: Putting All That Planning Into Perspective

I’m conducting an experiment. Want to be a part of it? I’m trying to figure out how important all that wedding preparation ends up being. I got the idea back when my mom moved in with us earlier this year. I had to clean out the closet in what became her room so she’d have a place to hang her clothes. I ended up finding several wedding-related items. My wedding dress was in there. I knew it was in one of the closets, but if you’d asked me which one I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I also … Continue reading

Wedding Dresses: Buyer Beware

Several months ago one of the local news stations here in Nashville ran a story about a bride-to-be who couldn’t return her wedding dress when her fiance died before their wedding day. (I think this was back around the time my mom got diagnosed with a month to live and went into the hospice. Which is why I didn’t write about it sooner. I’m just now working my way down the list of ideas I had back then.) I don’t remember exactly how her fiance died. (I want to say car accident, but that might not be right.) How he … Continue reading

A Unique Wedding Dress Story

Previously I began a discussion about wedding dresses. The significance of a wedding gown is very important to some families. In many cases wedding dresses are passed down from generation to generation. Brides wear the same dresses worn by their mothers, grandmothers, and soon to be mother-in-laws. The dress carries a great significance to the wedding and to the marriage. However I came across one story of love in which a bride wore a wedding dress with even more significance than the passing down through the history of family brides. The story all began when John Wakely was in World … Continue reading

Trends in Wedding Dresses

It is very interesting to look at fads and styles that come in and out of the fashion world. It can also be fun to look at the areas that they hit first and how they eventually trickle down to other areas. Many of these fads will come and go and then return once again a few years later. Wedding attire is no different. Brides follow the fads and phases in fashion when choosing a gown for their wedding day. I can remember when each bride was layered in a puffy sleeve well rounded wedding dress that was covered in … Continue reading