Scrapbookers Unite For Great Causes

Surrounding the expensive and costly negative outlook, that some people have of scrapbooking, is the much more joyous, memorable accounts of how scrapbooking changes peoples lives for the better.

It seems that suddenly, scrapbooking has taken on a whole new dimension. There seems to be an outpouring of charity, as several memory preservers, strive to teach, help and offer support to those that might not otherwise receive it.

At charity auctions, I am seeing scrapbooking supplies as items up for bid. At school events, I am seeing requests for scrapbooking supply donations to help make cards, letters and pages for those overseas or those less fortunate. I have even watched as many scrapbooking stores, hold fund raisers on a monthly basis, and all proceeds go directly to various charities and charitable events.

So, how do you go about getting involved in these amazing events? There are dozens of ways, but I will share a few:

Organize Your Own Event

You can organize your own event. It could be anything you want it to be. Create pages for those less fortunate. Find shelters, and centers that cater to those that are in need of some friendship and charity. Perhaps you could even create complete albums for families in need.

Sell Things

Create pages and sell them with all or a portion of proceeds going to charity. Sell leftover supplies at a yard sale or flea market, again with the proceeds going to those less fortunate.


Contact your local scrapbooking stores and craft chains to find out if they are hosting any events or fund raisers. Starting with these local places can often get you moving onto bigger and better projects.


Use your computer to help you find groups and organizations that might be working towards spreading the word about scrapbooking and preserving ones memories.

Collect Donations

Not necessarily monetary donations, but consider collecting new or gently used supplies to donate to shelters and community centers who can offer them to those who need them.

Donate time

Donate your time to teach other about why its important to preserve our memories, and then show them how.

Are there other ways you get involved with giving back to the community through scrapbooking?