Scrapbooking Blog Goals

Shaking it up in the scrapbooking world has always been my goal, besides teaching others about the joy of scrapbooking. Preserving memories, both good and bad is an extremely important process for people. Remembering good times and bad times can help some people heal, and sometimes it can make a huge difference in their life. Photographs can make people feel more connected to the moment – the memory.

Lately, I have reevaluated my goals in the scrapbooking blog. First and foremost, I be writing for the photography blog in addition to scrapbooking (and frugal living). I will be working on tying the scrapbooking and photography blogs together so that not only are you learning the latest and greatest techniques, but you are also getting a good feel for capturing your memories on film or digitally a bit better. There are plenty of photography techniques to be learned that will help your scrapbook layouts simply pop.

In addition, I noticed something that I hadn’t realized. About a year ago, I was showing many more layouts depicting the things I was writing about and teaching to you. That seems to have gone a bit awry and I have a goal to change that. I have hundreds upon hundreds of layouts that can coordinate perfectly with the topics that I am discussing. There is simply no reason that I cannot illustrate my points a bit better, and I will do better.

The other thing I noticed, is that other than knowing I am a journaling guru, you know very little about my scrapbooking style, the pages I am working on, and which techniques I use often and which ones I cannot get into, and of course, what my favorite products are. That will change. I plan to provide you with many more opportunities to get to know me through my scrapbook layouts. It will take a few days to get all that situated but knowing how popular the scrapbooking blog is, I have confidence that you will be pleased.

The only other thing I would absolutely love, would be to hear more from all of you. Leaving me a private message or a comment, I would like to know the types of articles you would like to see.

What techniques are you wanting to learn?
What tools are you wanting to know more about?
Are there any products you’d like to get comparisons of?
What types of layouts are you working on?
What would you like me to show you about layout wise?

I look forward to getting to know more of you better, and allowing you a more personal glance into my life.