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Can You Answer These 15 Questions About Your Significant Other?

Recently my friend Brenda sent me one of those “Getting to Know Your Friends” questionnaires. Do you know what I’m talking about? The ones with a bunch of questions you’re supposed to answer about yourself and then send them to everyone you know.

Some questions may seem really generic at first glance (like what’s your favorite color, foods, or movies), but sometimes we don’t know the answers. Or have forgotten. It’s fun to see how our friends answer. If we’re astute, we learn something. (In Brenda’s case I’m always reminded what a witty sense of humor she has.)

But my favorite questionnaire was one I got about having to answer not about myself, but about the person sending it to me. Did I know her middle name, birth date, favorite color, etc. (I think it was Brenda who sent me that one too.)

I thought it’d be fun to do a variation on that theme…except in regards to our significant others.

How Many of These Questions Can You Answer?

1. Do you remember what your spouse was wearing the last time you saw them? (Whether it was before one or the both of you dashed off to work, left for a business trip, or left to run errands.) What color shirt, sweater or blouse did they have on? Or, for the truly astute, which shoes were they wearing?

2. What’s your spouse’s favorite kind of movie?

3. What were your spouse’s favorite TV shows to watch growing up?

4. What kind of deodorant scents does your spouse NOT like?

5. Has your spouse ever voted?

5a. Do you know who they voted for in the last election they participated in? (Be it a local one, one of the recent presidential primaries, or the last presidential election.)

6. Do you know if your spouse has a blog anywhere on the Internet?

6a. If they do have a blog, what was the last thing they wrote about?

7. What is your spouse’s favorite candy?

8. Which type of chocolate do they prefer? (Milk, white, dark.)

8a. If they like chocolate, do they have a favorite chocolatier? (Wayne’s become a Dove snob.)

9. When was the last time you watched a sunset together?

10. When was the last time you caught a sunrise together?

11. When was the last time you used your spouse’s nickname?

12. When was the last time you paid your spouse and compliment? What was it?

13. Do you remember the last time your spouse cried and what made him or her cry?

14. Do you remember the last laugh you had together and what caused it?

15. Do you know if your spouse has ever had a professional massage? Do you know if they even want one? (Wayne doesn’t. He says he’d be too weirded out having a stranger’s hands on him like that.)

Courtney Mroch writes about animals great and small in Pets and the harmony and strife that encompasses married life in Marriage. For a full listing of her articles click here.

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